Very nice feature to restrict users from accessing Web clients login.

Passion Dynamics

Okay let’s face it. We are losing our lovely classic interface slowly and its fading away because as per Microsoft :

All new Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement environments (instances) and Common Data Service environments, including those created in existing tenants, will be provisioned in Unified Interface Only

Is this transition good? bad?…..honestly, I don’t know but one thing I do know is I personally like the classic interface and would chose it/recommend it over UCI. 

Good news is, there is no confirmation on time or whether it will happen that classic interface will be deprecated. I really hope UCI is always a “Choice” and not a “forced option“. 😄


Anyway for now when you see this screen:


  1. Click on settings gear icon and click on advanced settings option:2
  2. You will get classic interface opened however it will only have Settings module:
  3. Now click…

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